Awesome: My First TV Interview

My First TV Interview

Just before the book launch party program started, I was scheduled to give a TV interview. After setting up his equipment, the cameraman signaled to the reporter to start the interview. However, I was not ready. To give myself more time to regain my composure, I started a conversation with the two about how long they had been in the television business. I hoped it would reduce the stress.

Alex was a veteran cameraman with many years of experience. He had attended many book launch parties. He gave me a tip: such an event is usually held at a public place. I accepted his suggestion with gratitude. Alex had a bit of difficulty setting up the camera. He had to establish the right distance from his subject and lighting had to be properly positioned. He could tell I was nervous. I was supposed to give a presentation at the launch party immediately following the interview, so he persuaded me to rehearse in front of him. As I spoke, he shook his head. With a strong Russian accent, he waved his hands in the air and said, “Louder, with more power!”

I followed Alex’s advice, and managed to loosen up my throat so that I was better able to project my voice.

Amin, the reporter sent to interview me, had started working for Asian Television Network just two months before we met. My stomach turned when I heard she had many Bollywood assignments under her belt. Impressed with her credential of interviewing Indian movie stars, I told her how nervous I was. She calmed me with kind, comforting words. After a glancing at her watch, she told me we would be starting.

I tried my best to keep my smile beaming and the words streaming during the interview. I wanted to avoid having a blank face, or punctuating my delivery with too many filler words.

Why did I go through it? Typically I avoid drawing attention to myself. After the publication of Tainted Justice, I was determined to transform myself from a shy writer to a fierce promoter. In order to drive the sale of any book, either the author or the publisher needs to make a serious effort at marketing it. Just making a publication available on Amazon or any other distribution channel is not good enough. One has to shout out to the world that this work exists, and to show the prospective readers a reason to buy it. I have a long way to go before all timidity is rung out of me, at least when it comes to promoting myself and my work. I did put myself in this situation: giving this interview and making a presentation at the book launch party. I took one more step towards success.

So far I have only seen the first minute of the video. Please watch the whole thing and let me know how I did.

To watch the interview, click here