JUSTICE DENIED – Book 1 of The Hudley Saga

JUSTICE DENIED – Book 1 of The Hudley Saga

Injustice and religious intolerance are only some of the abuses Jake Hudley’s wife, Laila, suffers when she is falsely accused of treason and thrown into the notorious Evin Prison in Iran.

Jake knows her life is on the line. With the US government and the military refusing to help, Laila’s fate will mirror her brother’s – death by firing squad – unless he takes matters into his own hands.

Self-Publishing by Yourself

Are you a writer just itching to become an Indie Author but you don’t know where to start in the self-publishing game?

Are you a published writer through an Assisted Publishing service like Book Baby, iUniverse or Friesen Press but you’re ready to go into business for yourself?

The link to the info page is - http://infinite-pathways.org/services/workshops/self-publishing-by-yours...

JUZDIZRTS Author Event

The Author Event on Saturday April 26th was a great success thanks to Melissa Moores. Many wonderful reads. The coffee shop was packed with writers, poets and those who attended just for the readings.
I read from Justice Denied, a novel that I am currently working on.

JUZDIZRTS Author Event

This year Aurora’s own On The Bean coffee shop and cafe is hosting the JUZDIZRTS Author Event on Saturday April 26th from 3pm – 5pm.

Readers: Rick Ferguson, Joanna Gale, Sherry Loeffler, Kamal Parmar and Mit Gopaul

On The Bean coffee shop is located at 2 Orchard Heights Boulevard, unit #47 can be found at the back of St. Andrews Plaza (just south of St. John’s Sideroad off Yonge Stree in Aurora)..

My Writing Process

I was invited to particiapte by Nanci Pattenden
Here is a link to an example of the My Writing Process Blog Tour http://www.andreabuginsky.com/writing-process/
Here are my answers:
1) What am I working on?
Currently, I am going through the last edit of "7 ways to obtain divine gifts and powers." Also I am writing a thriller, "Justice Denied".

Interview with Erika Willaert


Writing my dream book; and publishing it too

Writing my dream book; and publishing it too

When I held the brown package, I knew what was inside. My impulse was to rip it open like a five-year-old tearing the wrapping paper off of a much anticipated birthday present. But I could not. Instead I slid the tape off the flap; and there it was. My dream book. It was beautiful. The cover was shi...click here

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